Granite Worktops

Granite worktops are as popular as ever and bring a timeless beauty into the kitchen. Granite has been millions of years in the making, being formed millions of years ago beneath the earth’s surface and is one of the hardest materials on earth. Granite work surfaces are extremely hard wearing, won’t scratch under normal use, and are easy to clean and maintain, making them the ideal worktop for kitchens and bathrooms. A granite kitchen is one of the most searched terms when looking for a new property, so adds value to any home.

More than 30 standard granite work surface colours are now available.

With a fantastic range of granite worktop styles and colours there’s something to suit absolutely every kitchen or bathroom, all made to measure at factory-direct prices from our workshop in Newbury, Berkshire.

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Apollo Granite Worktops, Newbury

Click a colour for a detailed description of the material. 

Colour Group 1

Colour Group 2

Colour Group 3

Colour Group 4

Colour Group 5

Colour Group 6

Colour Group 7

**Random veining

* Available in 15mm thickness

# Honed Finish (longer lead time)

‡ Flamed & Brushed Finish (longer lead time)

Producing the rustic finish creates minute fissures in the stone, which increase the liquid absorption & its retention of dirt & pollutants. This increase in the materials porosity will allow substances such as cooking oil & grease to penetrate on contact resulting in a stain that would be clearly evident. Please ensure that potential customers are aware that these finishes require high maintenance in the form of sealing & cleaning & a signed disclaimer is required before an order can be accepted.