Quartz Worktops

Apollo® Quartz work surfaces are made from 93% quartz and the remaining 7% polymer resin. Apollo® Quartz has the look and feel of granite but provides a much more consistent and solid colour for your kitchen worktop, without the need for periodic sealing or polishing. Apollo®Quartz worktops are an engineered stone that is both beautiful and elegant with attributes of natural stone with enhanced colours and impact including mirror flecks, natural stone appearances and modern concrete colour options.

Our luxurious quartz work surfaces are made to measure and installed by our expert fitters at factory-direct prices, straight from our workshop in Newbury, Berkshire.

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Apollo Quartz Worktops

Colour Group 1

Brown Patina Quartz Worktop Colours - quartz worktops newbury

Brown Patina

Carbon Black Quartz Worktop

Carbon Black

Pale Sand Quartz Worktop

Pale Sand

Colour Group 2

Argyl Mist Quartz Worktop

Argyl Mist

Atro Black Quartz Worktop

Astro Black*‡

Bluebell Quartz Worktop


Cappuccino Quartz Worktop


Cocoa Quartz Worktop


Cosmic Black Quartz Worktop

Cosmic Black

Desert Crystal Quartz

Desert Crystal*

Grampian Beige Quartz

Grampian Beige

Moreno Quartz worktop


Mezzanine Grey Quartz Colour

Mezzanine Grey*

Palma Brown Quartz Worktop

Palma Brown*

Praline Quartz Worktop Colours


Sapphire Blue Quartz Worktop

Sapphire Blue*

Scottish Rose Quartz Worktop

Scottish Rose*

Seascape Quartz Worktop


Silver Dust Quartz Worktop

Silver Dust*±

Steel Quartz Worktop


Colour Group 3

Ciele Noir Quartz Worktop Colour

Ciele Noir◊

Lyskam White Quartz Worktop Colour

Lyskam White◊

Lyskam Beige Quartz Worktop Colour

Lyskam Beige◊

Lyskam Grey Quartz Worktop Colour

Lyskam Grey

Metallica Colours Band 2

Strontium Quartz Worktop Colour


Iridium Quartz Worktop Colour


Tungsten Quartz Worktop Colour


Titanium Quartz Worktop Colour


Chromium Quartz Worktop Colour


Concrete Colours Band 2

Hazelnut Quartz Worktop Colour


Oyster Grey Quartz Worktop Colour

Oyster Grey#

Chiffon White Quartz Worktop Colour

Chiffon White#

San Beige Quartz Worktop Colour

Sand Beige#±

* Contains mirror flecks

‡ Limited availability in 40mm

◊ Random veining

# Concrete colours require more maintenance

† Please request a sample prior to manufacture as these colours can differ in shade

± Only available in 15mm