Finish Specifications

Worktop finishes


Edge Details


Double bevel edge detailing

Double Bevel

Imperial style edge detailing


An illustration of a single pencil edge

Single Pencil

Full bullnose worktop finishes

Full Bullnose*

A double pencil worktop finish

Double Pencil

A single ovolo work surface edge

Single Ovolo*

A worktop with a bird's beak edge detail

Bird’s Beak*

Milano detailed worktop edge.


Venetian styled work surface edge


Corian Edge Details

A corian worktop with a front downturn finish

Front Downturn

Front and rear downturns on a corian worktop

Front & Rear Downturn

Corian work surface with a square edge


Single spanish corian counter

Single Spanish

Corian worktop curved to a waterfall finish


A shark's nose styled corian work surface

Shark’s Nose

Drip groove worktop finishes

Drip Groove

Top or front inlay worktop finishes

Top or Front Inlay

Chequered detailing on a corian work surface

Chequered Detail

A corian worktop with rope detailing on the edge

Rope Detail



The edge detail can completely change the appearance of worktop finishes, although the more complicated the detail, the more the cost will be as a result of the additional work that has to be done, as this is very skilled and labour intensive.

A Double Bevel Edge is included in the linear metre price of a worktop, but all other edges carry an additional charge.

Birds Beak and Milano edges are only available in 20/20mm, whilst Venetian is only available in 30/30mm

* Require scribed joint

Extra charge added for these edge details


Deeper Downturns

The very latest in manufacturing technology enables us to offer worktops with a downturn of 60-100mm in a limited range of colours.



Return Ends

Part/full return of worktop finishes

Part/Full Return

Worktop with a double notch return end

Double Notch

Triple notched worktop finishes

Triple Notch

A work surface with a external splay

External Splay

Internal splay worktop finishes

Internal Splay

A breakfront work surface return end


A counter with a double radius return end

Double Radius*

A single radius return end

Single Radius*

A photo of curved worktop finishes



* Internal profile edges on all edge detail other than bevel edge must have a radius of at least 60mm. Bevel edges don’t have this constraint as they are hand finished.


End Panels

A illustration of a butt joint

Normal Butt Joint

A shoulder housing joint corian worktop finishes

Shoulder Housing Joint (Corian only)


The normal joint for these materials will be a butt joint ending with a 5mm overhang.



A worktop upstand 100mm tall

100mm Upstand

A 60mm upstand

60mm Upstand


Upstands should ideally be 100mm high, as material less than this height is extremely fragile. Upstands are not normally cut from the same slab as the worksurfaces, therefore an exact colour match is not possible. Granite upstands are straight and rigid, gaps will be visible where there are variations in the wall profile. Plastering or tiling should ideally be completed after the worksurface installation.


Corian Upstands

 A square corian worktop upstand


A 10mm coved worktop made of corian

10mm Coved

A coved upstand of corian that is 50mm tall

50mm Coved

Coved Corian® upstands are manufactured by machining a 3mm rebate in the Corian®, as this is achieved by hand held router, which only cuts in a straight line.

We will endeavour to keep as close as possible to the line of the wall but there may be gaps of between 2mm and 4mm at the back of your worktop.

Plastering or tiling should ideally be completed after the worksurface installation.




An unpolished cutout from a worktop: worktop finishes


Polished cutout worktop finishes


Photo of square polished cutout worktop finishes

Square Polished

Recessed hob worktop finishes

Recessed Hob

A worktop with a belfast sink cutout



A minimum of 120mm is required between two hob cutouts.

A minimum of 50mm from the hob or sink cutout to the front edge.

A minimum of 70mm is required between two sink cutouts.



Corian Cutouts

A hob cutout on a corian worktop: worktop finishes

Sink/Hob Cutout

Belfast sink cutout from a corian worktop

Belfast Sink (Inc drip groove)

The compulsory method for installing square hobs is the high-strength cutout patented by Dupont™. Hobs must be integrated into a Corian® worksurface, according to specified guidelines.

A minimum of 50mm is required from the cutout to the front edge

A minimum of 120mm is required between heated cutouts.

A minimum of 50mm is required between sink cutouts.

Drainer Grooves

Recessed drainer worktop finishes

Recessed Drainer

A five groove drainer on the side of a worktop

Five Groove Drainer


5 groove drainer or 3mm recessed drainer available. Recessed Drainers are sometimes duller than the worksurface.


Corain Drainer Grooves

Corian worktop finishes type A

Type A*

Type B of the corian drainers

Type B*

Corian worktop drainer type C: worktop finishes

Type C*

Type D of the corian worktop drainers

Type D

Worktop finishes type E

Type E

Type F corian worktop finishes

Type F††


Please specify the preferred undermounting of stainless steel sinks.

Silicone sealant my be rendered ineffective when plumbing the sink in, it is important that the sink is re-sealed by the plumber, or the 12 months guarantee will be invalid.

* Type A, B & C have a 1 – 5mm gradient
Type D, E are flat with 3mm flat
†† Type F is flat with a 3mm recess

A small amount of standing water will be retained in drainer grooves, after the majority of the water has drained away, this should be wiped clear to avoid water residue marking the worksurface.