We supply and fit granite worktops throughout Newbury, Berkshire areas.

Granite is a popular material for kitchen worktops and counter-surfaces. The natural beauty of the stone makes it durable, attractive, and aesthetically pleasing in any type of space!

The beautiful, timeless beauty of granite worktops will make your kitchen or bathroom look like the picture-perfect dream. Granite has been in existence for millions of years and is one of the hardest materials on earth – making it a great choice when you want to ensure that any surface stays scratch-free with minimal effort! Granite countertops are a kitchen material trend that just won’t quit. They’re sleek, stylish and can be found in any colour of the rainbow. Not to mention granite worktops add value to your home!

Granite is one of those trendy materials for kitchens these days–and while they may not always be cheap, if you know what colors go well with each other or which ones might work best on an island top then investing now will pay off down the road by adding beauty and functionality without having to spend more later. Plus because there’s such strong demand for them right now (according to Google trends), this means many people who were looking into buying new properties made sure their homes had some form of granite before

More than 30 standard granite work surface colours are now available.

From natural to black, from matte and polished to rustic; with so many different styles of granite on offer it can be tough finding one that suits your home’s style or character. At Factory Direct Granite our workshop offers more than just providing you with custom made surfaces for kitchens but also allows us to provide assistance during this arduous task by offering advice about which colour will suit your space best based off its size, shape and design features as well as how much traffic they might see if installed into an area where people cook often like over a stove top.

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Apollo Granite Worktops

Click a colour for a detailed description of the material.

Colour Group 1

Bianco Sardo

Spice Black*

Steel Gray

Viscon White**

Colour Group 2

Azul Platino

Black Pearl

Royal Brown

Verde Ubatuba

Colour Group 3

Baltic Brown


New Veneziano

River Valley White**

Tan Brown

Colour Group 4

Sa Bon Accord#‡*

Ivory Fantasy**

Nero Diamante

New Venetian Gold

Colour Group 5

Nero Absoluto*#‡**

Giallo Venezianno*

Colour Group 6

Blue Pearl*

Cosmic Black

Emerdald Pearl*

Star Galaxy*

Colour Group 7

Antique Pearl


Honed Finish

A process of flattening the surface of the granite, to give a worktop with a flat low sheen & a granite work surface without reflection. Granite worktops will have a matte like appearance.

Flamed & Brushed Finish

Extreme heat is applied to the granite work surface to create a deeply textured surface. This granite work surface is then also brushed with a coarse wire rotary brush resulting in some of the roughness being removed – a textured, lightly rippled & smooth finish to the granite worktop is achieved.

Leather Finish also available on some products

Please contact our Sales office for further information. A worktop finish resulting from treating the stone surface with a coarse wire rotary brush, creating a worktop with a smooth but undulated, leather like finish.

**Random veining

* Available in 15mm thickness

# Honed Finish (longer lead time)

‡ Flamed & Brushed Finish (longer lead time)

Producing the rustic finish creates minute fissures in the stone, which increase the liquid absorption & its retention of dirt & pollutants. This increase in the materials porosity will allow substances such as cooking oil & grease to penetrate on contact resulting in a stain that would be clearly evident. Please ensure that potential customers are aware that these finishes require high maintenance in the form of sealing & cleaning & a signed disclaimer is required before an order can be accepted.

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