Price ranges of Quartz, Corian, Granite, Slab Tech

Shopping for a Quartz or luxury solid surface for your kitchen or even bathroom can be totally baffling at times.

Hundreds of product colours and different price bands, not to mention the different pros and cons of each product type.

One of the most confusing things to wrap your head around and one of the questions I get asked most frequently by our clients looking for their dream kitchen worktop is ‘Why is that Quartz Worktop twice the price of the next Quartz Worktop?’.

Here at Vogue Worktops we are here to explain and take you through each step so that it is clear to you what the prices mean and take you through any technical differences that may make that big difference in cost. It’s important to us that we are transparent in what we are selling, explaining which surface best suits your lifestyle but within your budget.

Budgets are extremely important to be clear on when shopping for your luxury kitchen worktops, you can waste hours trawling through colours you may love but could be way out of your budget. Just using this as an example and talking hypothetically prices may range £2200-£4500 for the same kitchen size. (They could even be both 93% Natural Quartz with a 7% polymer.)

I’ve seen companies selling the more affordable brands in the same brackets as the premium products which is obviously not a fair way of conducting business, this is why it is clearly banded on our product pages low to high, Band 1 is lower price of that product selection, the higher the band the higher the price, again banding can become confusing when not explained properly so it is important to understand that a band 1 ‘Silestone Quartz’ or ‘Corian is likely to be a lot more expensive than a Band 1 ‘Apollo Quartz’ or ‘Apollo Slab Tech’ this is where the budget comes in to understand if it’s even worth running through multiple quotes that may not be of interest once you find out the price.

As a family run business we pride ourselves in directing people correctly and taking you on a journey you feel at total ease with throughout the process of your bespoke kitchen worktops. It can be an uncomfortable place to be, placing an order with a company and being in the dark not knowing what is expected at the template, or just whether everything is running on the correct time scales and getting big abort fees because you have been ill advised.

This is why at Vogue Worktops we are passionate about ensuring you are advised as professionally and transparently as we can from entering the showroom and placing your order to state of the art laser templating all the way through to production and installation. We are here to guide you through your process from the beginning to the end answering any questions you may have in between.

Hopefully this article helps with your Luxury Worktop shopping journey and please feel free to book an appointment to meet with a Vogue representative at our studio showroom to choose your dream Vogue Worktop!

Article by Simon Roberts (Director)

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